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Leather is a product of nature, and thus requires a specialised cleaning process. Often times we observe that people end up giving their leather shoes for cleaning to regular dry-cleaners. Generic dry cleaning of shoes can also be done at home with a soft moist cloth! To shine up and spruce up the shoe, one can also apply shoe polish on their own. However if one is grappling with a bigger issues- like a nasty oil stain, discolouration, cracking/drying-up of leather, acid/alcohol stain, colour bleeding, fungal growth etc – then no-one but a specialist leather care professional with hard core tannery knowledge can help solve the problem!

Shoe cleaning and colour restoration –  Stain removal

Our professional leather chemists deep clean the shoe with certified leather cleaning agents to get rid of the oil stain. They touch up the remaining stain mark by uniformly applying a thin film of matching dye on the whole shoe with their apparatus! They finish up by applying a shining and softening agent to give your precious shoes the perfect finish :))

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Shoe Spa – Fixing Discolouration

Leather is animal skin and thus technical in nature! Just like us humans get tanned when we expose ourselves to the sun for a prolonged period, likewise leather loses it’s sheen and colour when exposed to sun (heat) and moisture over a prolonged period of time! This also happens over general wear and tear! In this case our experts first remove the original dye on the shoe. They then uniformly apply a thin coat of matching colour dye across the surface of the shoes! They then apply a fixing agent to ensure that the colour does not bleed, and finish up by applying a softener and shining agent to give the shoes a perfect finish!

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Shoe Conditioning – Fixing Dry and Cracking Leather 

Leather is made up of animal hide. Animal skins have natural oils in them. This balance of oil tends to get disturbed when leather is exposed to heat and sunlight over a prolonged period! This results in the leather drying up and cracking as a result! Our professional leather care technicians, apply a mix of shoe creams, conditioners and rehydrating agents, to restore the natural oils in the shoe and make them look nice, new and fresh all over again!

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Shoe cleaning / Shoe Spa / Shoe Laundry- Taking care of alcohol/acid stain

Alcohol and acid are very strong solvent compounds that can wreck destruction of leather! Even a tiny drop of concentrated alcohol or acid can burn the leather from deep inside and make it lose it’s colour forever! In this case again, we treat the shoes, by restoring the colour entirely! Our brilliant leather chemists ensure that the original texture and the colour of the shoes remains intact!

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Shoe Cleaning and Colour Fixing

Oftentimes we end up buying shoes that have a colour bleeding problem! They end up staining our feet and trousers! This entails from a dyeing defect of the leather in the tanneries! Some leathers are not very permeable, thus they have to dyed properly at the very basic stage, else they will always bleed! Applying a strong colour fixing agent on the old colour is not enough, as the leather will not even absorb the fixing agent, resulting in bleeding again! The only solution is to remove the old colour, apply a solvent that opens up the pores of the leather and increases it’s absorption rate, we then apply a new matching colour dye/pigment all-together and fix it with a strong agent 🙂

Antifungal Treatment on Shoes- Mold Removal – Shoe Spa | Shoe Cleaning | Shoe Laundry | Shoe Care

During rains, we often times carelessly stack our wet leather shoes in the cupboard or shoe rack! This results in the growth of mold/fungus! At TLL we have a special recipe for antifungal treatments to make your beloved shoes mold free!


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How to clean suede shoes at home?

Often times, people assume that suede is some kind of fabric and not leather! That is not true, suede is 100% leather, just of a different kind. There are 3 kinds of suede- goat suede, sheep suede and cow suede! Suede has ‘nap’ on it’s surface! ‘Nap’ is a technical term for animal hair. Since the surface of suede has animal hair all over, it becomes really hard to clean! Below are simple tricks to clean suede at home. These tips only apply in case of general stains/dirt/dust etc. For more nasty stains like oil stain, dye transfer stains etc., colour restoration is needed, for which you need to reach out to a professional leather care expert!


Alfred Sargent BrowningImage source : Permanentstyle.com

  1. Take a suede brush and gently rub it on the surface of the shoe in even and regular motions, to get rid of the dry dirt and dust sitting on the surface!!
  2. Once the first step is done with, use a fine sandpaper and rub it on the surface of the stickier stains, to scratch them out from the suede! 3-4 times of gentle scratching with a fine sandpaper would do the job!!
  3. Do not rub too hard with the sandpaper, lest the colour of the suede comes off.
  4. Afterwards, use a soft muslin cloth to wipe off both the shoes (to get rid of the broken nap particles from step 2.).
  5. Gently rub the surface with a suede brush again.

Finally, never use a detergent/soap on suede, as it will almost always make the colour of the suede bleed.

If the above steps do not work, reach out to a professional leather cleaner for assistance!


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How to Dry-Clean Shoes at Home?

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Howdy patrons!! It is true that if your shoe is afflicted with a nasty stain, like that of oil/dye transfer/grease etc, then regular cleaning at home would not help. Similarly in the case of discolouration, you  need to take your shoes to a professional leather care expert for colour restoration! However general dirt/dust & soft stains can very well be taken care of at home! Kindly check out the tips below-

  1. Remove excess dirt first using a soft-bristled brush (shoe brush or old toothbrush) to clean the outsole.
  2. Mix warm water and a small amount of laundry detergent to create a slightly soapy mixture.
  3. Apply a small amount of the water/detergent mixture to a sponge, soft cloth or soft brush and clean affected areas.
  4. Apply a small amount of warm water to another sponge or soft cloth to remove any excess detergent.
  5. Air dry the shoes at room temperature.


Image source: jcrew.com

If the above steps do not work, do not use any hard chemicals (like solvents etc.) at home! Instead take your shoes to a leather care specialist!!


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How to store your leather handbags and shoes!!

Howdy patrons! TLL shares some cool storing & packing  tips for your beloved leather handbags and shoes!


Handbag Storing Tips:

  • Wipe your bag with a damp cloth to remove dry dust/dirt sitting on the surface
  • Apply a thin layer of a good leather conditioner and leave it to age for 30 minutes. Then wipe off the surface of the bag with a dry muslin cloth! Handbag reconditioning is recommended atleast once a year.
  • Fill the bag with crumbled butter paper, bubble wrap or plastic cushion air bags to help it retain it’s shape. Do not use newspapers, as the ink tends to rub off on the inside fabric.
  • Store the bag in dust bag or pillow cover. Avoid storing in a plastic bag as the handbag needs to breathe and the slightest bit of moisture can cause mildew/mold.
  • Store the bag in a cool & dark place. Do not hang the bag , as it stretches out the handles.



 Shoe Storing Tips:  

  • Before storing your shoes, make sure you give them a generic cleaning and conditioning treatment
  • Leather shoes need to be stored in a temperature-controlled area that is cool and dry as iigh moisture and very hot and cold temperatures tend to destroy leather.
  • Stuff shoes up with acid free butter paper to help them retain their shape. You can alternatively use shoe trees.
  • Patent shoes should be stored in cloth bags as patent is quite prone to dye transfers! It is also needed so that they remain shiny and fresh.
  • Store shoes in their original shoe boxes if space permits. There should be dedicated shoe racks for each season
  • For boots, should be stored upright using a boot stand so they retain their shape.



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How to care for your leather shoes!




–  Most shoe labels will have in-house shoe cleaners and creams so always ask the boutique assistant for care tips and recommended products.
–  First, take the laces off your shoes. Use a soft bristled brush to sweep off preliminary dirt and dust.
–  Keeping your hand under the flap to keep the upper firm and flat, use your other hand to apply a suitable cleaner or saddle soap all over the leather parts of your shoe.
–  Use the same brush to gently work the cleaner into the skin. Pay particular attention to any noticeable scuffs or marks.
–  Let dry for about 20 minutes before proceeding to polish.


–  Think of conditioning as moisturizer for your shoes, which will dry out over time. To prevent flaking and wrinkling, dab a dollop of conditioner on a soft cloth and rub gently all over in a circular motion.
–  Choose a polish in a hue that matches your shoe. Experts generally recommend a lanoline-based beeswax polish, which will soften and protect at the same time.
–  Wipe off excess polish with a soft clean cloth, and buff the shoe with—surprise!—a pair of panty hose for slick-as-a-dime shine. Well, nylon gets the job done, too.


–  A spray-on water repellent is an essential, fool-proof way to safeguard against the elements.
–  Before application, use a warm sponge to prep your shoe. The gentle heat will increase the porosity of the skin, allowing for better absorption.
–  Look for “breathable”, water-based repellents, which will allow excess moisture to dissipate for pliable, butter-smooth shoes.


–  A quality shoe tree is a worthwhile investment. Unfinished cedar is best, because it sponges up moisture and any disagreeable odors.
–  Once you’re home, stuff your boot toe with butter paper, then string them up on the tree immediately.
–  Regular use of a tree will maintain your shoe’s original shape, and will go miles towards preventing shrinkage and creases.


Waterproof your suede and nubuck shoes with a spray-on, and use a suede eraser to smooth off smudges. Next, use a soft bristled brush to restore the nap and lift off dirt particles.


Patent leather is surprisingly easy to care for: just keep out of water, and occasionally smooth some petroleum jelly into the shoe to preserve its glamorous gloss.


– If you’ve been polishing your shoes for awhile, there may be residual wax build-up. Use a specialised pre-cleaner before the cleaning process outlined above.

–  It may be a no-brainer, but if you’ve just stepped out of a shower, make sure your feet are fully dry before slipping on your shoes.
–  Use a good tortoiseshell shoe-horn to ease your foot in without creasing the back—a surefire recipe for shoe breakdown.
–  Every few years, head back to the boutique or trusted cobbler to re-sole your shoes, which are like the tires of your car and require regular upkeep.
–  Lay your shoes on their side to dry out, if you’ve been unlucky enough to have been battered on by a surprise rain shower on your way home.


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Leather Shoe Repair Secrets!!

 Source: Blog extracted from http://www.themuse.com 

Ways To Remove Creases/Wrinkles from your Leather Shoes

How to Remove Wrinkles from expensive Leather Shoes!

Here at TLL, we receive a lot of queries as to how to remove creases off leather shoes! You do not need to send your shoes to a professional leather care expert for the same, just some simple home remedies will do the trick!

IMG_3131-Edited-1038x576Image Source: vcleat.come

Leather shoes can add a classic touch to just about any wardrobe, but they can be costly. Once you start buying leather shoes, you want them to always look their best. When they develop creases or wrinkles that are visible, it can decrease your enjoyment of wearing them. You can try several techniques to eliminate those creases.

Step 1

Store the shoes on cedar shoe trees any time you are not wearing them. The cedar provides a pleasant counterbalance to foot odor and the smell of leather. In addition, it maintains the shape of the shoe, which can counteract the crease. Leave the shoe on the shoe tree for at least two weeks to eliminate the crease and retrain the leather shape.

Step 2

Iron the crease out. While a hot iron can be damaging to the leather, a moderately heated iron (60 to 80 degrees F), placed on a slightly damp cloth between the leather and the iron can heat the leather enough to reshape it. As soon as you iron the crease out, place the shoe on a shoe tree and leave it there for a week to strengthen the leather’s new memory.

Step 3

Moisten the crease using a leather-friendly oil. Massage the oil deep into the crease line and place the shoe on a shoe tree to maintain the crease-free surface while the shoe dries.

Step 4

Massage the leather until the crease disappears. This will be effective as long as the crease is minor and relatively new.

Source: Extracted from modernmom.com 


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If you, like us, tend to destroy most of the pretty things in life, you’ll be glad to know of The Leather Laundry – a company that repairs and customises leather products.

Ruined Bag? Don’t Sweat It



This brand has branches in Delhi and an online presence in Mumbai. They fix everything from leather bags, shoes, belts, leather jackets. All those ripped leather jackets, leather pumps which have been scratched from a night out clubbing, or a nice bag which has lost of lost its old charm, these are the guys for you.

They’ll fix broken pipings on leather bags, restore the colour of a faded wallet or shoe, stitch up torn panels, and make it as good as new. Although they primarily deal in repairing and restoring luxury brands such as Chanel and Dior, they have the resources to work with any sort of leather and brand. Prices for repair of leather bags would be between INR 2000–4,500 depending on the work, and for luxury bags be between INR 5,500–6000. Work on shoes starts from INR 2,200, although the price for each product truly depends on the amount of work required. Give them a call for a better idea.

So, We’re Saying…

They can even emboss your existing leather product, so if you want to put someone’s initials on a gift, that’s a great option. The work for initials would be for INR 700–1,000.
They will pick up and drop the products from your house. Check their website here for more details.

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