Our Shoe Cleaning Services- Shoe Drycleaning & Spa

Leather is a product of nature, and thus requires a specialised cleaning process. Often times we observe that people end up giving their leather shoes for cleaning to regular dry-cleaners. Generic dry cleaning of shoes can also be done at home with a soft moist cloth! To shine up and spruce up the shoe, one can also apply shoe polish on their own. However if one is grappling with a bigger issues- like a nasty oil stain, discolouration, cracking/drying-up of leather, acid/alcohol stain, colour bleeding, fungal growth etc – then no-one but a specialist leather care professional with hard core tannery knowledge can help solve the problem!

Shoe cleaning and colour restoration –  Stain removal

Our professional leather chemists deep clean the shoe with certified leather cleaning agents to get rid of the oil stain. They touch up the remaining stain mark by uniformly applying a thin film of matching dye on the whole shoe with their apparatus! They finish up by applying a shining and softening agent to give your precious shoes the perfect finish :))

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Shoe Spa – Fixing Discolouration

Leather is animal skin and thus technical in nature! Just like us humans get tanned when we expose ourselves to the sun for a prolonged period, likewise leather loses it’s sheen and colour when exposed to sun (heat) and moisture over a prolonged period of time! This also happens over general wear and tear! In this case our experts first remove the original dye on the shoe. They then uniformly apply a thin coat of matching colour dye across the surface of the shoes! They then apply a fixing agent to ensure that the colour does not bleed, and finish up by applying a softener and shining agent to give the shoes a perfect finish!

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Shoe Conditioning – Fixing Dry and Cracking Leather 

Leather is made up of animal hide. Animal skins have natural oils in them. This balance of oil tends to get disturbed when leather is exposed to heat and sunlight over a prolonged period! This results in the leather drying up and cracking as a result! Our professional leather care technicians, apply a mix of shoe creams, conditioners and rehydrating agents, to restore the natural oils in the shoe and make them look nice, new and fresh all over again!

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Shoe cleaning / Shoe Spa / Shoe Laundry- Taking care of alcohol/acid stain

Alcohol and acid are very strong solvent compounds that can wreck destruction of leather! Even a tiny drop of concentrated alcohol or acid can burn the leather from deep inside and make it lose it’s colour forever! In this case again, we treat the shoes, by restoring the colour entirely! Our brilliant leather chemists ensure that the original texture and the colour of the shoes remains intact!

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Shoe Cleaning and Colour Fixing

Oftentimes we end up buying shoes that have a colour bleeding problem! They end up staining our feet and trousers! This entails from a dyeing defect of the leather in the tanneries! Some leathers are not very permeable, thus they have to dyed properly at the very basic stage, else they will always bleed! Applying a strong colour fixing agent on the old colour is not enough, as the leather will not even absorb the fixing agent, resulting in bleeding again! The only solution is to remove the old colour, apply a solvent that opens up the pores of the leather and increases it’s absorption rate, we then apply a new matching colour dye/pigment all-together and fix it with a strong agent 🙂

Antifungal Treatment on Shoes- Mold Removal – Shoe Spa | Shoe Cleaning | Shoe Laundry | Shoe Care

During rains, we often times carelessly stack our wet leather shoes in the cupboard or shoe rack! This results in the growth of mold/fungus! At TLL we have a special recipe for antifungal treatments to make your beloved shoes mold free!


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