Colour Restoration of Vintage Bike Leather Seats- The Leather Laundry

We got a customer query as below:

‘I want to get my bike genuine leather seats coloured and tone matched 

If you can help than pls revert back…..’

He and his father were avid riders and also collectors of vintage bikes 🙂 He had earlier got in touch with the vintage bike company itself, to get his beautiful cognac leather seats reconditioned. Unfortunately they applied a dark polish on all the seats, and changed the colour from a pleasant yellow brown to a ghastly black brown, below are some pictures! He was evidently upset.

We found the original colour, somewhere beneath one of the seats! We followed the following process:
1. We first removed the colour off all the seats and saddle bags.
2. We then did a deep cleaning procedure.
3. Our colour matching experts then made some matching colour (a beautiful cognac) and applied it on a small patch to match with the original colour.
4. After a thorough mixing and matching exercise, they sprayed the colour uniformly on all the seats and saddle bags with an air-gun.
5. They then applied a colour-fixing agent, to make sure the colour does not bleed.
6. A thick coat of lacquer was applied on all the bags and seats, to give the leather a nice an natural sheen!
Check out the transformations below:
Woohoo! We managed to restore the original colour of the leather upholstery of this vintage bike! He was ecstatic to see the end results!
We also gave him some Meltonian wax to apply on the upholstery, to spruce it up on regular intervals 🙂
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The Leather Laundry is all set to make it’s debut in Mumbai :)

We are pleased to inform all our lovely patrons that on popular demand, we have finally set foot in the city of dreams- Mumbai!

Below is our official Mumbai address:

The Leather Laundry

Regus Offices: 16th Floor, Maker Tower – E, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400005, India

Just like Delhi, we are offering a free door pick-up and drop-off service in Mumbai!!!

We feel ecstatic to finally have an official presence in Mumbai! We would like to thank all our lovely customers for having loved, supported and encouraged us throughout!

We hope to get bigger and better in the year to come and it wouldn’t have been possible, had it not been for all you lovely people out there!

Warm wishes for the festive season!

-Team TLL




How to clean patent leather

Patent leather is a leather which has a high gloss finish. This is achieved by applying a special coating on the surface or more commonly gluing a plastic film over the leather. Patent leather is mostly used for shoes and handbags, occasionally clothing and other accessories

Cleaning and Maintenance of Patent Leather

We are often asked why patent leather is more sensitive than other leather types. One of the main reasons is that glossy leather has a surface that makes scratches and abrasions immediately visible. The human eye detects differences on glossy surfaces much faster than on matt surfaces.

Other types of leather are similarly sensitive, but their softness and the matte surface not only prevent  damage, but damages are not so clearly visible.

Light colour patent leather has a special sensitivity to absorb dyes. It should therefore be stored away from other items that might cause colour contamination. Colour dyes penetrate into the leather and cannot be cleaned. Pen strokes and other similar discolourations will only have a chance to be cleaned away if treated immediately.

It often happens that old patent leather becomes sticky with time due to decay. Unfortunately there is no solution to this problem. The leather can be cleaned with a mild leather cleaner- this might reduce the stickiness temporarily as long as the condition is not too bad.

Using a classic furniture polish to clean and maintain patent leather works well as these products are good for caring high gloss surfaces. Nevertheless: Always test first on a hidden area to observe changes. This method should not be used if the leather is scratched. Deep scratches can not be removed from patent leather.

This material is particularly sensitive to solvents. Solvents in some cleaners, leather care products and aerosol products will destroy the top plastic/lacquer coating (gloss finish on patent) and leave ugly spots. Such stains can rarely be removed.

Tips to preserve patent leather:

  • Avoid scratching your patent leather goods.
  • For regular cleaning of patent leather- a damp cloth is sufficient!
  • Traditional Leather Care products will harm the plastic/lacquer layer on patent leather
  • Do not apply oil or fat. The leather is behind the coat of paint/lacquer, so the products won’t soak in because a patent leather is not porous.


Above is a classic case of dye transfer on a patent leather bag, we were able to remove the ghastly stains, because the matter was addressed immediately, else in most cases, we turn down patent leather cleaning requests!

An alternative could be to dye stained patent leather into darker colours, but stains would still shine through the surface of the leather!!


Grandparent Love :)- We make memories last!- Customer story of the month.

‘Time can forget some memories, but there are some memories that can make us forget time and those memories make life sweeter.’

At The Leather Laundry, we revive your precious leather gear, we preserve leather, we preserve memories, because some memories deserve to last!

A dear patron walked into our workshop with her grandfather’s very old & ailing leather trunk, requesting us to salvage it for her! The trunk came in, in a very fragile form, the leather had become weak and brittle as the whole trunk was infested with termite! Our first reaction was- ‘let’s turn it down’. The technicians were hesitant to take up the job, lest the leather breaks and becomes worse!

We very quickly learnt that our customer had a very deep and emotional connection to the trunk, as this was the only priceless treasure that her beloved grandparent had left behind, for her to remember him by.

Deep down, we knew we had to take this job up, because of the sheer emotional/sentimental value attached to the product in question!

Below is what we did to revive the trunk!-

We replaced the missing leather handle at the side of the trunk


We fixed the broken wooden handle at the front of the trunk


We re-lined the entire suitcase


We did some beautiful leather patchwork on the torn edges of the vintage suitcase


We re-painted the entire trunk to make it look nice and fresh 🙂



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We are delighted to share some excellent customer reviews and hilarious anecdotes :)

  1. We restored the original colour of Aditi’s favourite Cole Haan shoes 🙂 She was quite worried (due to some harrowing experiences with prior vendors) and surely scared the daylights out of us, saying that she will be very upset if we she finds out that we have changed the colour :/

She mentioned that someone once coloured her shoes and changed the red completely, so she had to reorder the same shoe and spend another 400 dollars :/

She had also promised that if she likes what we have done for her, then she will give more stuff to our runner, hand-to-hand!

The runner was never given anything and we were baffled and really scared! Below are excerpts from the conversation that followed!

Always worth a laugh :)!



2. We got a call from Jatinder saying he wants to get his leather shoes spruced up! He told us that the recommendation has come from someone who has ridiculously high standards for everything! We did feel a tad bit jittery and asked him who the person is, but he refused to reveal the secret!!  We shot him an email with ‘before and after’ pictures of his shoes, and it was only after he was satisfied, that he finally revealed the big mystery! Below is an excerpt of the email exchange with him!


3. Below are some random reviews of our patrons 🙂



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