9 Laundry Startups in India that are zooming in

The laundry market of India is growing with a rapid pace. The estimated size of the laundry market is Rs. 2,20,000 crore, with the unorganised market (which includes dhobis, maid servants, and mom-and-pop stores) valued at Rs. 5,000 crores. The sector is fragmented with 7,67,000 establishments, 98 per cent of which are micro-sized laundries with fewer than 10 workers, says a report by Euromonitor International.

The modern life with frantic weekdays and indolent weekends of the working professionals, or bachelors staying away from their homes is a hustle to do the boring and tiring laundry. This has forced the laundry industry in India to just getting bigger and better with an estimated size of the laundry market being2, 20,000 crore. Checkout some of the laundry service startups in India that can take care of your cloths pretty well.

1. Wassup

Owned by Laundry Project Pvt. Ltd, Wassup Laundry is India’s first community based Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service. Based out of Bangalore, this startup currently serves in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Cochin. The orders can be placed via a mobile application for the door pickup or customers can drop the cloths in the predefined drop off points.



2. Aap Ka Dhobi

Aapka Dhobi, an initiative with the purpose of providing premium laundry services at affordable prices was founded by a team of MBA’s from IIM, Engineers from IIT & Charted Accountants who after working in some of the best MNC’s, moving to new cities, faced the same laundry problems like you which ended up taking most part of our weekdays and weekends. So they decided to revolutionize the way everyone does, laundry with just three simple steps- Click.Cleaned.Delivered! in just 2 days!.


With more than 5000 customers, Aap Ka Dhobi is one of the finest startup laundry service providers in India.  Customers can place orders on the website and via call. Once the customer places an order, a dhobi goes to their place and collects the clothes. The firm offers laundry to be delivered clean within two days.


3. PickMyLaundry

Launched at the beginning of this year, PickMyLaundry offers premium Laundry services using the mobile application in Delhi and Gurgaon region. The firm offers affordable laundry service with door to door pickup and delivery. The process includes imported chemicals and laundry machines. Apart from usual services, it also provides services such as Starching, Bleaching and Shoe cleaning services.  They offer Instant pickup of laundry at a time slot chosen by the customer with a turnaround time of 48hrs.


Website – www.pickmylaundry.in

4. Urban Dhobi

The Jaipur-based Urban Dhobi laundry service offers a turnaround time of 24 hours and also an express laundry service with assured delivery within 4 hours. The startup also promises an exclusive service that your clothes are never washed with anybody else’s. Urban Dhobi’s service requires a minimum weight load of 3 kg for washing, and at least 2 pieces for dry cleaning.

urban dhobi

Website – www.urbandhobi.in

5. Dirk Da Dhobi

Founded in April 2015, Dirk Da Dhobi is Bangalore’s first premium E-laundry service. With an exclusive 60,000 Sq. Feet facility, the company offers professional laundry services across Bangalore, with a turnaround time of just 48 hours and at also at an acceptable price. The company aims to convert 60 percent of middle-class working households and upwards who live in cities across the country to completely outsource this mundane chore of laundry, which should in any case be done by professionals.

dirk ka dhobi


6. Doormint

Established in the early 2015, the startup does 200 transactions per day with a team size of 50 people. Doormint offers doorstep home solutions at affordable prices via mobile applications and online platforms. The firm completely focuses on the customer convenience and optimum service quality.


Website – www.doormint.in

7. Tooler

TOOLER is claimed to be the premium and professional laundry service provider for all kinds of laundry care that handles your clothes with utmost care and skill. From a small towel to a big leather sofa, the firm offers service at just a tap on the smart phone screen. Tooler also offers shoe cleaning services at the most acceptable pricing. They provide easy pickup, assortment, washing & ironing of clothes with 48 hours delivery at the customer’s doorsteps. The startup processes more than 50 orders on weekdays and almost double during weekends.


Website www.tooler.in

8. Laundry Anna

Laundry Anna claims to offer premium laundry service at cost less than the local dhobi by maintaining own processing unit instead of outsourcing garments to other vendors. The firm offers one of the finest services with affordable rate card. The startup processes 25 to 30 orders per day with an average ticket size of400.


Website – www.laundryanna.com

9. The Leather Laundry

The Leather Laundry offers professional cleaning, coloring, refinishing, deodorizing and repairing services for leather apparel, accessories and shoes. The company claims to use modern equipment, solvents and finishes to revive and replenish leather products, thus making them last longer. The parent company of Leather Laundry is one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of leather apparel and accessories.

the leather laundry

Website – www.theleatherlaundry.com


Source: http://www.knowstartup.com