Happy Birthday, The Leather Laundry!- Our First Year Anniversary :)


The Leather Laundry turns ‘1’ today 🙂 We feel elated and blessed 🙂 A year has flown by! In the meantime TLL has taken off in it’s own right 🙂

We hope & pray for many such birthdays, in the time to come! The Leather Laundry has evolved from a brand new start-up to a well-established brand name, that stands for a certain ideology/business philosophy. We have not merely provided a service in the last one year, but have indeed been selling a lifestyle, preserving emotions/memories and tugging on heartstrings. We have not been ‘number-crunching’, nor are we focussing on ‘volumes’ or ‘scalability’. We have only been pushing for ‘excellent quality’ ‘timely & courteous services’ and ‘100% customer satisfaction’. Having barely spent anything on marketing, we have grown purely organically. In a year, we have become a profitable venture. Volumes and profits have been a by-product of our business philosophy! Notwithstanding the apprehensions of naysayers, we can proudly announce that we have finally arrived! We would like to thank all our dear patrons and well-wishers 🙂 Going forward, we will continue to build on the foundation we have already created and expand our footprint, far and wide!

Keep rocking!




Wondering how to maintain your leather bags this monsoon?

How to maintain your leather bags in this humid weather??
 Humidity can ruin your favourite leather bags but regular polishing and storing them in the right way can make them last longer, say experts. Here are some tips to maintain leather bags during monsoon.Dry them well: Do not put the bag away as soon as you come from outside. Keep the bag under the ceiling fan for a few hours to air it out.

No heat: Direct sunlight or extreme temperatures can adversely affect your leather pieces.Never leave your bag to dry near a heater or in direct sunlight.

Polish them well: Never compromise with the quality of the leather polish as it not only safeguards the bag from moisture, but also restores the balance of natural oils. Moreover, it also enhances the leather’s natural shine and extends the life of the bag.

Store them right: Before storing the bag for next use, stuff it with newspaper to retain its shape and prevent it from folding or creasing. Never hang your bags since this can wear them out. Keep the bag in a cloth, cover it properly before putting them in the box. This way you will protect the bag from dust and moisture especially in a humid environment.

Let them breathe: The longer you leave your leather pieces untreated, the harder it will be to clean them. Take out your leather bag and air it.

Source : Times of India
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Mothers are always so special!- Customer Story

We got a call from a patron who sent her mother’s decades old wallet to us for repair and revival! After much brainstorming and back and forth discussions, we removed the tattered leather, and skilfully pasted fresh leather of matching colour on the entire wallet. We of course kept the initial of her mother’s name and all other trims intact! The job on this one was so deft, that it almost seemed like we had stitched a new wallet all together 🙂


Below is patron’s heartfelt note to us:

Yasmine Hilton: “Dear Mallika.From start to finish your service has been great, thank you. But most important you have truly done a wonderful job on my mothers purse/wallet. It is amazing to be able to use it again and think of her each day.
I want yo thank you for the care and respect you have shown in handling my request. I am a very happy customer.”
Regards, yasmine

Our Response:

Dear Yasmine,

Thanks a bunch for such a warm and heartfelt feedback 🙂
We feel honoured to have had the opportunity to work on your beloved mother’s priced possession 🙂
Your words mean the world to us :)! Mothers are always so special!
Take good care 🙂
Nothing beats the feeling of being able to touch someone’s life in small yet meaningful ways 🙂 The venture feels so worth it’s while! We feel blessed 🙂

A generic presentation of The Leather Laundry!

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