Suede Cleaning Tips- The Leather Laundry

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Suede is soft and luxurious but unfortunately it’s quite porous so that makes it a stain magnet. It’s not washable so you either need to get an item professionally cleaned or try a few of these methods to get the job done yourself. It’s generally advised to test a small, hidden area first to make sure no discoloration or damage occurs.


  • Cornmeal or cornflour: These work well as a surface cleaner since they absorb grease and grime. Simply sprinkle over area, leave for several minutes then brush. For a more thorough job, you can try lightly misting cornmeal first so it’s just the tiniest bit damp then rub gently into piece. Allow several hours to pass for the cornmeal to fully dry then brush.


  • If it gets wet: Let dry naturally at room temperature and then brush softly to get rid of any water marks.


  • Did you know: Keep a square of same color suede on hand and use it to rub main piece, this is a good way to keep it looking new (and restore its nap). A square of terry towel (dry) can help too.


  • Old-timer remedy: Rub bread crumbs or a stale piece of bread into piece for lifting surface grime.


  • Furniture: Have a good quality stain repellent applied to furniture as soon as you purchase it and reapply as recommended. Regularly use a soft brush to lift surface dirt and to keep the nap in good shape.
  • Color brightener: If your piece is beginning to look a bit tired and faded, steaming can help restore its color (just do a quick pass-through with the steam and don’t linger or water marks can be the result).


  • For scuffed pieces: Try a cardboard emery board or a piece of light sandpaper to buff out scuffs or pressed areas. Do it gently at first making sure you don’t do any damage. You could also try placing the affected area over steam from a kettle of boiling water to raise the nap and then carefully use a suede brush. Source.


  • Shoes (will work for other garments and items too): Use a soft bristle brush or an old toothbrush after each time you wear them, this will lift any surface dirt and prevent grime buildup.

Tranformation by The Leather Laundry-

  • Since leather is a product of nature and has several complex technicalities, it is best to consult a professional leather care technician to take care of your expensive leather gear!- See- The Leather Laundry

Stain Removal Tips-

  • Rub lightly with a new pencil eraser or artgum eraser, you may get lucky and lift it right out.
  • White household vinegar can be used for spot removal, be sure to test first in a hidden area (may cause some discoloration).
  • Grease marks will disappear if they are rubbed with a rag dipped in glycerine. Source.
  • Rain spots will quickly disappear if rubbed gently with an emery board such as is used for manicuring. Source.
  • Storage: Did you know suede needs to breathe to stay soft and supple? Avoid sealing items in plastic bags or storage containers, use cloth bags or pillowcases as covers for seasonal storage.