Leather Care Tips

5 Tips for Leather Care

Leather is everywhere in the world of carry, and so we thought we should have a little look into how to care for the stuff. And because this is Carryology, you know we’re going to start with a touch of background…

Background (as promised): Leather is rad. It essentially takes the highly evolved hide of an animal, removes anything that might putrify (like any life, proteins or peskily vermin), and leaves behind a collagen structure that is strong yet pliable, and which can be dyed, painted or imprinted with almost any form of craziness.

So if we’re taking a live skin, and essentially Hans Solo Cryovacing it to stop the life in it, that means we need take a few measures to preserve some semblance of this homeostasis. In other words, we can treat it bad, but not too bad. Essentially, you don’t want it returning to life.

There’s kinda 2 schools to leather care:
1. Pick a leather that develops a rich patina, and then let your life story start to show
2. Preserve leather so it forever looks new

We are much more for School number 1, so our tips are going to be about how to keep your leather dead, while letting your history of use bring it to life (dang that was cheesie).

Tip 1
If leather gets too wet: Dry it slowly. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you end up with stiff crinkle cut chaos. So room temperature with gentle air works better than direct heater time with hair-dryer. And keep it in the shape you want it to end up.

Tip 2

If leather gets too dry: Rub something moist into it. Pick a leather dressing or cream, preferably recommended by the maker. Leathers can have paints, waxes, oils and all sorts of things applied to their surface, so you probably want to pick something similar to how it came. Personally, we mostly use Dubbin for heavier use applications (because our dads did), or a lighter leather cream for wallets.

Tip 3

If leather gets dirty: Just use a damp cloth. You don’t want to be putting any soaps or foreign substances in there.

Tip 4
Leather stretches out, but not back: If you start to overfill a wallet, it will never really return to it’s former taut self. If you stretch a leather bag when wet or very humid, it will move even faster. Just learn to carry the right amount, and this takes care of itself.

Tip 5
Don’t wrap it in plastic: Going back to that Cryovac analogy, it can help to think of leather as having the life frozen rather than completely killed. Hans Solo still needed a tiny bit of air, and so does your leather. What you’re really trying to stop is any mildew growth, so keep some ventilation going.

Source: http://www.carryology.com



The Leather Laundry

Leather laundry is the best thing that could have happened to you

A blessing in disguise.

If you are planning to put your leather jacket into a washing machine or trying to clean your leather handbag, leather briefcase or a leather travel bag with a wet cloth, THINK AGAIN! Bless the god. Because leather laundry is here to the rescue.

Just like you have a servicing centres for automobiles or appliances, leather laundry symbolises a one stop shop for all your leather servicing needs.

And why do you need leather laundry? We got the expert Mallika Sharma founder of The Leather Laundry enlighten you about some amazing facts about leather laundry and why it is important to you.

Your leather requires pampering

Of course, your products need pampering. Leather accessories are special and we buy them when the occasion calls for it. Leather products are a special buy. Be it a leather jacket or an office leather briefcase, there is a lot of research that goes into the process of buying the product. Hence, lot of care needs to be taken to maintain it.

Leather laundry provides for cleaning and moisturizing the product. It helps remove stains and soil as well as to replenish vital oils and restore color of the product. Leather laundry maintain the look, feel and delicate balance of oil in the leather. Moisture content and softness is also restored by applying a special topcoat of rehydrating creams.

Elegance like never before

Leather laundry experts bring back color and softness to your leather product that has been lost due to continued use, through the application of refinishing dyes and oils. They also fix non fast colors and restore colors that wear off during the normal cleaning procedure.

They specialize in changing/improving the texture and tone of leather which gives an elegant & refreshing effect to your product. From minor touch-up and tone correction to recoloring and complete color restoration, they have you covered.

The experts ensure your leather product glows with the natural shine and elegance.

Bring it back to normal

Leather laundry experts bring with them years of experience and research that make their services of utmost quality. They help to meet all your repair needs of your leather apparel and accessories.

They carry a huge array of hardware, lining fabrics and leathers (of all possible qualities and colors) on stock. The skilled craftsmen use high quality thread to provide excellent stitch work that completely blends in with your product.

Customize the way you want it

You sure want to stand apart and define your individuality. They make your leather accessories suit the required style through the following ways.

  • Modification of color and quality of lining and hardware as per your liking
  • Size alternation of garments to get the ideal fit
  • Strap length adjustment of leather bags
  • Personal monogramming of names, initials, messages etc.
  • Modification of texture and color of leather as per your liking
  • Additional embroidery work/printing


Do we need to say more? The leather laundry experts are indeed there to give some awesome leather experience.

Did we miss out on anything?

The Leather Laundry also provides Bespoke Leather jackets

Made-to-order leather jackets, exclusively for you. Below are the steps to avail them.

  • Send your design inspiration or choose from the celebrity closet
  • The Leather Laundry will send a master tailor & stylist to your home to take the required measurements
  • The stylist will help you choose from a range of leather swatches, trims and lining fabrics
  • a mock sketch will be shared of the prospective design for approval (changes or adjustments can be communicated)
  • Once approved, your bespoke apparel will be delivered within 10 working days

Mallika Sharma is the founder of The Leather Laundry. The company offers professional cleaning, coloring, repairing and restoration services for everything leather.