As the year wraps up, we hit a century!

From inception to execution, we did it all in year 2015 – and we ring in the new year on the wining note of hitting a century! We officially complete 100 orders today!- The Leather Laundry #milestone #elated #jackpot #century


We sign off for year 2015!

See you again in the new year- 2016!

Luck and Best

The Leather Laundry 


How to clean leather furniture!

It’s tempting to tackle the leather cleaning process with your usual household products and tools, but these can often damage your leather furniture, causing cracks and bobbles. Check the label of any product you use to ensure that it is suitable for leather care.

Key Steps:

On a regular basis vacuum your leather sofa with a soft brush.
For spillages: Blot with a damp cloth – don’t wipe.
Use specialised leather care products for the best results.
The benefits and rewards of owning leather furniture are numerous. Leather upholstery is natural, durable, and looks good as the focal point of any room. Leather is also one of the few materials to actually look better with age – it develops an attractive sheen with frequent use. Leather furnishings need plenty of tender loving care over the course of their lifetime, though, to ensure they always look their best. This article explains the basics of leather cleaning and how to clean leather upholstery.

Leather Sofa Care
As a material, leather naturally produces oils to coat and protect its surface. Without this oily layer, the leather would age quickly and start to crack when it dries.
In the course of its lifetime, leather furniture will lose its natural oil. It is up to the owner to replicate the effect with leather care products, like specialist preservatives and conditioner.
To keep your leather items in pristine condition, they should be positioned out of direct sunlight and at least 2 feet away from a heat source like the radiator or fireplace. Both heat and sunshine will dry out the leather, causing it to crack and discolour.

How to Clean Leather Furniture
Vacuum with a soft brush. If you use your leather furniture frequently – especially if your skin comes into a lot of contact with the material – you will need to do this once a week. Vacuuming removes all the skin particles, dust, and other contaminants that have accumulated on the leather. Be sure to go over the seams and cracks of the furniture, as this is where the dirt gets trapped.
Wipe the furniture down. Use a clean, soft cloth dampened with warm water, to wipe the furniture down weekly, as part of your basic leather care
Apply leather conditioner. This is a vital part of any leather sofa cleaning routine. As with all household chemicals remember to check the label before use, test on a discrete part of the item for any discolouration, and then apply liberally in a well-ventilated room, using the appropriate protection for your hands and face.
Leather Sofa Cleaning: What to Do in the Event of Spillages
Blot, don’t wipe. This is the most important rule when anything – drink, food, ink – gets spilt onto leather. Wiping will only serve to discolour or permanently stain the leather. Instead, carefully blot off with a damp cloth.
Use a specialised leather cleaner. This is a good idea if the spill is serious. Be sure to follow the directions on the label.
Apply leather preservative. Treat the affected area to complete the process.

There you have it, it’s easy to give your leather sofas and chairs some tender loving care and ensure they age with beauty!


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Reflections: The Leather Laundry’s journey- to this day!

Hello Patrons,

For one , we would like to thank you all, for all the love and support that you have extended to our concept, our set-up and our services! We are all that we are today, entirely because of your encouragement and appreciation! We will strive to  perform even better, in the months to come.

We have been operational for roughly 6 months now! While starting out, several detractors and naysayers tried to dissuade us, having almost convinced us, that our concept will not take off in India. They insisted that Indians (who thrive on fast fashion), would rather dump old stuff and buy new ones, instead of being receptive to the concept of preservation and restoration!

6 months into the business, and we cannot help but laugh off their fatuous postulations! We cannot even begin to tell you how much people have applauded and admired our novel concept! Having to bank on amateur cobblers, tailors and dry cleaners till now, they now feel relieved to finally have access to professional leather care expertise! We clean, restore, repair and replace! In a nut shell, we are a one-stop-shop for all your leather care and repair needs!

To this day, we have repaired/restored leather jackets, handbags and shoes of varying high-end brands! We have replaced old linings, fixed faulty zippers & trims and completed several leather upholstery cleaning projects as well! People from across India, have also sent us leather bags from their grandparents’ times, for revival and restoration! We have repaired leather possessions as old as 30 years or more! A striking realisation has been the inextricable emotional fondness that patrons have for their leather gear! And this is what makes our jobs challenging but extremely fulfilling at the same time! Their satisfied smiles, warm feedbacks and jubilant reactions, make all the painstaking efforts, so worth their while! We have been extremely anal about customer satisfaction all this while! We have had to rework on a couple of products, but then we have also recorded an impressive percentage of returning customers! We have had patrons as young as 18, and as old as 70 years of age! 🙂

With no paid marketing/advertising efforts executed till now, our growth has been entirely organic and we are banking heavily on word of mouth!

Attached is a picture of our modest team of 2 technicians and one runner!

We hope and pray to grow in leaps and bounds in the year, 2016 and to continue making all you gorgeous patrons smile and shine!

Wish you all a fabulous new year!IMG-20151221-WA0003.jpg

The Leather Laundry Team



Care for your leather boots this winter!

It is wintertime already! We assume that leather is durable and is made to last! This is not entirely true! Even the sturdiest of leathers need a lot of loving care and attention! Winter brings with it snow, salt and lots of wetness, that can cause leather to dry up, crack and eventually break away!


Below are generic steps one should follow to care for their leather gear during winters:


  1. Wipe your shoe clean after use, with a damp cloth to remove any dirt sitting on the surface. Remember to clean dry dirt stuck in the corners of your shoe, either with a horsehair brush or old soft toothbrush.


  1. Use saddle soap to remove any dirt or wax hiding underneath the surface of your boot!


  1. Salt stains on your boots from all the ice and snow? Mix some water with vinegar and dip a cloth in the mixture, and use the cloth to wipe off the shoe upper, the salt stains will magically disappear!


  1. Upon cleaning, give the boots time to dry naturally in room temperature!


  1. Use conditioners and creams to condition your boots and give them a new lease of life. These conditioners penetrate deep into the leather and hydrate individual fibers. They also act as a water repellant barrier and protect shoes from harsh winter elements!


  1. Upon conditioning your shoes, you can polish them away to your heart’s desire!


  1. Keep them stored safe in a cloth bag to avoid dye transfer from darker colors


  1. Keep them stored in a cool and dry place! Moisture leads to the growth of mold and fungus!


  1. Last but not the least, deep clean and condition your boots on a monthly basis to keep them in top shape and to prevent rapid wear and tear!


Happy winters!

Did you know that The Leather Laundry also offers to clean leather car interiors and leather furniture?

The Leather Laundry is pleased to announce to it’s loyal patrons and all needful potential customers, that we are now formally foraying into car leather upholstery cleaning and also leather furniture cleaning and refurbishing!

If you are looking to get your leather upholstery spruced up, get in touch with us today!

If you are looking to get rid of nasty stains on your car leather upholstery, get in touch with us today!

We will fix, revive, re-colour are restore everything leather when it comes to your car or home upholstery!

Call for quotes!

The Leather Laundry


Contact : +919711255431, +911122795768


We decided to share some happy customer reviews with you!

The Leather Laundry has been operational for 5 odd months now! It has indeed been a roller coaster ride! We have a modest database of 100 loyal customers already, some of whom are also returning customers! It has been an exceptional journey so far and we have been lucky enough to have gathered some very amazing patrons to our credit! Thank you all, for all the love and support that you have extended to us!

We decided to share screenshots of some happy customers with all of you all!

From having restored beautiful vintage leather gear of their grandparents’ time, to having refurbished their favourite leather possessions to having fixed their expensive leather upholstery, we have literally done it all!

We strive to serve you with the same zeal, dedication and enthusiasm in the time to come!

We request you to continue to support and encourage us like you always have, and we promise to walk that extra mile for you, just so we can bring a smile to your face :)!


Team TLL

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Leather 101 For Winter

| Published 4 days ago

Reinventing this classic with some new quirks.

Summers are giving way to a crisp autumn breeze and that means it’s time to start shopping for the winter months. While certain fabrics obviously make more sense for cooler climes, leather is a must-have staple that not everyone experiments with. Well, this season we want you to step out of your comfort zone and do just that! Think beyond jackets and wallets with these indigenous brands who offer everything from quirky designs, customised orders to leather care.


The Postbox

Not the leather wearing kinds? You can add a touch of it with the pre-washed jute and leather skimmed bags by this indie favourite.. The interesting thing that caught our eye was that naturally dyed block printed cotton takes centerstage in their leather laptop sleeves (Rs 589 – Rs 2,289), which come in two sizes – 15 x 10 inches and 13 x 10 inches. There are also handy pockets for your phone, notebook and wallet. Looking for a travel bag that makes a smashing statement? Check out their sling bag (Rs 2,289) that’s made of ikat sourced from Andhra Pradesh and light tan leather. With two detachable straps, it can fit a laptop up to 15.4 x 13.4 inches and can be used as a backpack or a sling. There’s a lot more available on their website and the duo behind the brand continues to amaze us with their focus on eye-catching graphics, exciting prints and great design.

To see their complete range, click here


Minimal, grunge, feminine, sexy or utilitarian – leather pretty much fits all the bills if done right. Using this as their motto, Taws is adding spunk to bags of all kinds. From minimalistic totes to pastels in shoulder bags, they have got one for each mood. The travel bags too are a steal with a price range of Rs 3,799 – Rs 6,500. Another plus is their wide range of colours that takes boring out of the equation. Free shipping and COD options across 350 cities in the country makes them pretty much the go-to place to pick your next leather goodie from.

To see their complete range, click here


Already a popular name across many pop-ups, Cord is bringing sexy back with vintage and modern designs on leather. A flawless finish and standout designs are their USP. From minimalistic laptop sleeves to smooth totes, we’ve had them on our go-to list for a while now. They also do a case for playing cards! If you love making a statement, we suggest their fold over tote (Rs 4,800) and barrel sling bag (Rs 3,800) as well as their spec-case (Rs 1,800).

To place an order, mail them on



Love adding a personal touch to your drive? SeatSmart is the accessory for you. This smart addition prevents items from falling down between the front seat and center console, and thus, minimises driver distraction and lets you keep your eyes on the road. A contraption made of Napa leather, it’s available in beige, black and red colours and comes in 4 different types of leather.

To place an order, mail them on


The Leather Laundry

Launched a couple of months back, The Leather Laundry is your man Friday for everything leather. Think clean, colour, repair, restore and revive shoes, handbags, jackets and accessories! All this might come for a hefty tag starting at Rs 1,085, but when you invest in a leather product, you want to look after it, right? Their services include recolouring, shining, cleaning, trims, zipper replacements and restoration. The company has worked on several high end brands and also offers customisation services on your products including embossing of names, initials and such.

For more info, write to them on