TLL’s first successful bespoke leather jacket order!

The Leather Laundry’s first successful bespoke leather jacket order smile emoticon
Aarthi Ranjan from New Delhi, phoned us about a tattered jacket of her’s, requesting us to restore it for her! The jacket was in such a bad shape (probably more than a decade old), that the entire vinyl body of the jacket had almost shed! When we pulled the jacket out of the carry-bag, bits and pieces of the vinyl fell on our hands and the floor! We were left aghast!. “Tattered” was an understatement! One would have never believed, that it could have been a leather jacket, once upon a time!

We at last decided to make a new jacket for her all-together! We sourced the exact vinyl and lining fabrics, in terms of both colour and quality! Upon her request, we put the labels and brand- embossed buttons of the old jacket onto the new one!


IMG_5776 IMG_5777

Aarthi’s feedback- “Thank you so much for bringing my jacket back to life! I cannot believe my eyes! I am so very happy! I will definitely recommend you folks to other people! And i will write a great review for you guys too! It fits me great and looks so good!”

How we restored a customer’s Louis Vuitton bag for her!

Dr Ruchi- “First of all please accept my appreciation for the great work you do. I have a Louis Vuitton Bag that my grandma gifted me. It has emotional value but the wear and tear is considerable. I wanted to check if you could change the inner bag lining. I can send you some pics if you like to assess and revert. Thank you.”
She couriered the bag to us from Hyderabad! smile emoticon
We restored her beloved grandmother’s bag for her smile emoticon

Her response- “I really liked the finish with which you have done my bag based on the pictures you have shared”

TLL’s token of gratitude- “Thank you Dr Ruchi, for trusting us with your cherished possession. We feel humbled and honoured to have fixed something that is so close to your heart, it is like working on keeping the memory of a loved one, intact smile emoticon. It feels so nice to know that people like you, from across India, are starting to recognise TLL’s concept!”

We do not sell a service! We sell a lifestyle smile emoticon

We care for you and your sentiments smile emoticon
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