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Bag Repair | Heel Reapir | Boot Repair | Shoe Repair | Jacket Repair | Sofa Reapir and drycleaning service in Delhi/NCR & Mumbai.


Website: http://theleatherlaundry.com

Email: info@theleatherlaundry.com

The Leather Laundry is India’s first one-stop-shop for all your premium leather, suede and fur care needs! – Shoe Repair | Bag Repair | Jacket Repair | Heel Repair | Boot Repair | Luggage Bag Repair | Sofa Repair and Drycleaning Services in Delhi and Mumbai!

Cleaning & Moisturising

Recommended procedures of leather cleaning are used to remove stains and soil as well as to replenish vital oils and restore color. Stains are removed in the safest possible way to maintain the look, feel and delicate balance of oil in the animal hide. Moisture content and softness is also restored by applying a special topcoat of rehydrating creams

Colouring and Refinishing

Our colour-matching experts bring back colour and softness that has been lost due to continued use, through the application of refinishing dyes and oils. They also fix non-fast colours and restore colours that wear off during normal cleaning procedure. Our experts also specialise in changing/improving the texture and tone of leather. From minor touch-up’s and tone correction to recolouring and complete colour restoration, we do it all!

Repairing and Replacement

Our trained tailoring workforce also helps meet the repair needs of your apparel, accessories and shoes, thus rendering them usable. We carry a large array of hardware, lining fabrics and leathers (of all possible qualities and colours) for replacement. Our skilled craftsmen use high quality thread to provide stitch work that completely blends in with your product.

We offer personal pick-up/drop-off service in Delhi/NCR and Mumbai!

We also offer customisation services as below:

-Modification of colour and quality of lining and hardware as per your liking.

– Strap length adjustment of leather bags

-Personal monogramming of names, initials, messages etc.

-Modification of texture and colour of leather as per your liking!

-Additional embroidery work/printing.

Last but not the least, we also offer made-to-order leather jackets!!!

Products we Service:

Leather Jackets

  • Leather jacket cleaning-Stain removal (grease, drink, water, ink damage, salad dressing, wine, blood, urine .)
  • Leather jacket repair-Repair of rips, tears, scuffs, open seams, scratches etc.
  • Repair/replacement of loose buttons, buckles, eyelets, rivets and other trims.
  • Zipper repair and replacement (most of our zippers are from the same company as those used by luxury brands)
  • Lining repair and replacement
  • Leather panel replacement (from our huge stock of different qualities and colours).
  • Full color restoration.
  • Recolouring
  •  Leather Jacket Size alteration
  • Mold and mildew removal
  • Deodorising
  • Rehydration
  • Leather patchwork
  • Jacket customisation (embossing and printing of initials)

Leather Handbags, Leather Briefcases, Leather Travel Bags, Leather Belts, Leather Wallets etc.

  • Zipper Repair and Replacement
  • Lining Repair and Replacement
  • Bag Repair- Repair of rips, tears, cuts, loose trims, open seams, broken stitch etc.
  • Bag repair- Replacement and repair of piping, trims and other fittings.
  • Straps length adjustment
  • Hardware replacement such as buckles, D-rings, beads, ornaments, Swarovski crystals, zipper pulls, locks, studs, rivets, eyelets, clasps, hooks and many more.
  • Bag cleaning- Cleaning (exterior and interior), colouring, reconditioning.
  • Panel replacement in case of torn leather.
  • Mold and mildew removal/ Anti fungal treatment
  • Deodorising
  • Rehydration
  • Handle/strap repair and replacement
  • Belt repair
  • belt size alteration
  • Buckle repair
  • Buckle replacement
  • Polishing of metal trims

Leather Shoes

  • Shoe stain removal and refinishing
  • Shoe cleaning and shining
  • Shoe recolouring (everything from minor touch-up to complete colour restoration).
  • Leather Resoling/ sole repair and replacement
  • Boot Repair
  • Heel Repair
  • Shoe repair
  • Shoe shining
Leather Upholstery/Furniture

We also clean, colour, polish, refurbish and revive premium leather upholstery (couches/seats/sofas/stools/leather car interiors etc).

-Sofa cleaning at home

-Sofa repair

-Leather recolouring

-Leather Repair

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